Our Mission

Pets are part of the family, and at the core of our commitment lies the belief in the power of fresh, real food for them. Each recipe is thoughtfully curated with love by veterinary nutritionists who understand the unique dietary needs of our pets. Our recipes reflect our dedication to providing nourishing meals that support our pets' health and well-being.

Join us in enhancing the dining experience for your furry companions where each wholesome bite paves the way to health and happiness.

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Premium Pet Food from Taiwan to the World

All furkids should enjoy the same level of dedication as you would when preparing meals for your loved ones.

At Blue Bay, we go beyond being just a pet food company. As we expand our horizons, we're seeking passionate partners to join our journey. Collaborate with us to elevate your brand's offerings, and together, we will deliver joy to every wagging tail and pet parents worldwide!

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Explore Our Range

Blue Bay has a variety of formulas tailored to each stage of life and different dietary needs, ensuring that your pet gets the necessary nutrition to thrive at any age.

For Dogs

Hypoallergenic Series

Infused with premium organic additions like cold-pressed virgin coconut oil, whole eggs, and a blend of seasonal fruits and vegetables, this formula is designed for functional healthcare and all-around protection.

Enhanced Hypoallergenic Series

With 99.8% natural ingredients and more than 80% high quality animal protein, this is an upgraded formula crafted with locally sourced organic ingredients to provide a burden-free, hypoallergenic meal for our beloved furry companions.

Ever Raw Series

Indulge in a trio of delectable flavors with the Ever Raw series. Enriched with essential nutrients for joint, eye, and skin health, it is suitable for dogs of all ages, providing a complete and balanced meal.

For Cats

Animate Series

The Animate Series is a natural grain-free dry cat food meticulously crafted by our team of dedicated nutritionists and veterinarians. Designed specifically for promoting optimal digestive health, this innovative formula leverages freeze-drying spray technology to enhance palatability while preserving the raw meat's nutrient content.

Sense Series

Sense Hypoallergenic Series is formulated with 84% animal-based proteins, completely free from corn, soy, and wheat. Enriched with organic chicken eggs and organic cold-pressed coconut oil, it's a carefully crafted blend designed to cater to sensitive pets' needs.

Chill IslandㆍPâté

With 98% meat content sourced from the finest selection of fresh meats from Taiwan, Blue Bay's Chill IslandㆍPâté canned food has a delicate soufflé texture that offers a smooth and silky bite, ensuring a luxurious dining experience for your feline friends.


  • Cake (12 years old)

    Cake is usually a picky eater; she doesn’t like to eat kibbles and seafood. However, since introducing the EVER RAW into her diet, there's been a remarkable transformation and now Ever Raw has become her absolute favorite.

  • Dong Dong (10 years old)

    Dong Dong, who doesn't drink much water or pee often, seems to be doing better since trying this cat food formulated for urinary health. There has been a noticeable improvement in his urinary health.

  • Almond (2 years old)

    As soon as I opened the package, Almond couldn't wait to gobble up its meal. The aroma, size, and functional ingredient of the dog food is perfect for border collie! I’m relieved to know that Almond can eat healthily while enjoying the meal at the same time!

  • Dong Ma (12 years old)

    As Dong Ma ages, she's been eating less, but the Animate Chicken + Fishes Flavor has been a game-changer. It's boosted her appetite and lessened the burden on her with its low phosphorus content.