Launched the Ever Raw Freeze Dried Blend Series, the perfect recipe for furry friends with fussy appetites. Comes in three flavors: Chicken, Moonfish + Chicken and Mahi-Mahi + Beef.


Animate and Hypoallergenic Series was launched in Korea and garnered significant attention, coupled with positive testimonials from satisfied customers.


"Fresh Stew" wet pouches was launched. Also, we have initiated efforts to support various rescue animal groups by donating pet food to shelters.


Launched "Richer Coat," a brand-new product created by the Blue Bay Nutritionist Team.


We upgraded the S30 Allergic Proof Series, with two new functional formulas: Healthy Heart and Joints Care. Blue Bay has also achieved remarkable success over the past decade and our tear-stain oral solution is the only Taiwanese product of its kind to be exported to various regions, including Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia.


Animate, a new functional cat food, was introduced. We continued to import premium ingredients and milk powder from Australia and America.


The world's first milk supplements for sugar gliders was developed, one of the only products in the market to provide food for sugar gliders.


Blue Bay was founded in Taiwan, marking the introduction of a range of pet food products into the local market, heralding a new era for Blue Bay Pet Food.