About Blue Bay

We embarked on our journey by crafting our very first batch of Hypoallergenic Series dog food, prioritizing the well-being of pets. Firmly believing in the quality of locally sourced ingredients in Taiwan, we aimed to produce fresh, top-quality pet food. By meticulously designing formulas and producing in small quantities, we were able to offer our furkids healthier meals and contribute to their overall well-being.

We put in relentless efforts, focusing solely on making meals that we would be proud to serve our own family members. This commitment led us to develop more functional pet foods that are not only healthier but also more natural and safer.

Our dedicated team, which includes veterinarians, nutritionists, and experts with backgrounds in research and development, formulates the necessary nutrients for furkids of various ages. The Blue Bay nutrition team possesses a wealth of comprehensive nutritional expertise and advocates the use of locally sourced ingredients to foster a fresh and healthy lifestyle. By infusing health-enhancing supplements into our pet food, it offers a savory indulgence for all furkids.

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Why Blue Bay

With a promise and passion for delivering the finest meals for our furry companions, all of our formulations are developed in collaboration with professional pet nutritionists and meet the AAFCO nutritional standards, providing pets with a complete and balanced diet. We prioritize sourcing ingredients locally from farmers that we know and love and use fresh whole vegetables and fruits that are certified organic and free of pesticides. Our perfect reputation of producing safe, nutritious pet food continues to be the top standard.

Meets AAFCO nutritional standards

Food Safety Inspection: Every ingredient is inspected before it goes into pet’s food. The finished product undergoes independent inspection by SGS, a third-party verification organization

Certified by ISO 22000, HACCP, and organic certifications, guaranteeing top-notch quality in our products

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Our Vision & Mission

We believe pets are family and deserve wholesome, delicious food just like what we would proudly serve to our own family members. We're committed to create wholesome natural pet food for dogs and cats - from nature to bowl. Everything we do at Blue Bay is about naturally nourishing them from the inside out.

And now, we would like to share our passion and the goodness of our premium pet food with furry friends around the world, extending our mission to every pet lover across the globe.

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