Six Expressions of Dog's Love

Six Expressions of Dog's Love

❶ Eye contact
A prolonged look between a dog and its owner can be a sign of love and trust.

❷ Offering their favorite toy
When dogs brings their favorite toy to you, it means they acknowledge you as their owner and want to play with you.

❸ Turning their butt towards you or leaning against you
For dogs, turning their back to someone is a sign of trust. It means they are in a state of relaxation and comfort.

❹ Rubbing their face against you
This behavior is particularly noticeable during puppyhood because they are trying to leave their scent on you.

❺ Seeking attention when you are lying down
You probably think that your dog is inviting you to play but they might be trying to make sure you're not sick or uncomfortable.

❻ Exposing their belly while sleeping
Exposing their belly shows that the dog absolutely trusts you.

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