3-Step Guide to Calculate Dry Matter Basis

3-Step Guide to Calculate Dry Matter Basis

What is Dry Matter Basis?

Dry matter refers to the food analysis without any moisture content.

The nutritional analysis provided on packaging typically involves water content, which might be less accurate, especially in wet foods with high moisture content (>60%) like canned or pouch foods.


Importance of Calculating Dry Matter

Determination of DM in feed is important to ensure that our pets are receiving the proper amount of nutrients through their diet, especially when they are ill or require special diet.


How to Calculate?

1. Subtract the dog food's moisture content percentage from 100%.
2. Divide a nutrient's as-fed basis percentage by the difference you got from the previous step.
3. Multiply this quotient by 100% to obtain the dry matter percentage of that nutrient.

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