How to store wet food for pets?

How to store wet food for pets?

Storing wet pet food properly is crucial to maintain its freshness and quality. From the moment the can or pouch is opened, taking the right steps can extend the shelf life of wet pet food and keep it safe for consumption. Let's explore some FAQs to ensure that your pet's meals stay fresh and nutritious.


◉ Question: Under what conditions should the canned food not be consumed?

When the canned food shows signs of bulging, denting, leaking, or other conditions, it could be a sign that the can may have lost its vacuum seal and bacteria is growing inside. Therefore, it is recommended not to consume it.


◉ Question: Can storing partially consumed canned food in the refrigerator cause aluminum poisoning?

Only extended duration of exposure to acidic or alkaline solutions will cause lead to leach out. Typically, the contents of canned goods do not generate such circumstances.

◉ Question: What's the best way to store leftover canned pet food?

It is recommended to consume canned food within 2 hours of opening and discard any remaining food after the recommended duration to avoid potential bacterial growth and nutrient loss. For any remaining amount that has been opened, you can cover it with cling wrap, a lid, or a resealable bag and refrigerate it. However, it's recommended not to keep it for more than 24 hours.

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